• Classic watches

    Handmade of the finest raw materials and accurately mounted. A Calveneo 1583 watch contains groundbreaking technology and innovative expertise. On top of that, each Calvaneo 1583 watch gets rigorous research. These values made Calvaneo 1583 world famous. Calvaneo 1583 watches are a way of life. Read More
  • The secret of our watches

    Calvaneo 1583 watches are made with the best materials in the world. Genuine 1.1 mm diamonds are hand inlaid with care. Watch cases are golden plated 316L stainless steel, gold, platinum or rhodium. The Calvaneo watch fits comfortable because of the leather strap from cowhide or crocodile. Because the Calvaneo watches are beautifully finished with scratch-resistant crystal mineral glass and a special design butterfly clasp, your watch won't damage. With a unique and luxurious design people around you will be amazed. Discover the secrets of these beautiful jewelry. Read More
  • The Calvaneo 1583 experience

    We would like to offer you a constant quality. All our models have 2 years warranty. Besides that, you receive an authenticity certificate. The shipment of your watch is insured and free. On average the shipment takes a week. If you change your mind, you can return the watch within 14 days in the original packaging. Read More
  • Calvaneo 1583 movements

    The movement is designed by Calvaneo 1583. The official certified Swiss chronometer is robust, reliable and gives high performance on the long term. Calvaneo 1583 uses 316L stainless steel for the watch cases. This steel is special because of the low carbon level, it has a maximum restistance against corrosion and it doesn't rust. This suits the high demands of Calvaneo 1583 for the used materials. Watchmaking today is a collaboration between talented specialists: watchmakers, designers, gem-setters and chemists. Watchmaking is an art. Read More


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